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Currently in discussion about contributing the first chapter of SotP to a limited edition short-comics anthology to be kickstartered in the next few months! I’ll announce more when I know more. (:


In a poll I ran on deviantART asking which comic project people would like to see next, St. Martin Song is coming way ahead in first place. xD Which is good, because that’s the one I want to work on next myself.

St. Martin Song is a loooot shorter than SotP was, and I’ll definitely be offering it in print form once it’s done. I don’t have a good estimate on page count right now but I’m thinking it’s probably under 100 pages long; might even be closer to 60-70. It’s a pretty short story. Where Son of the Philosopher was myth- and mysticism-based, St. Martin Song is much more horror- and supernatural-based, based in Germany and inspired by the holiday of Martinisingen.

I meant to post Sunday’s SotP page when I got back from out of state, but I had to buckle down to finish a deadline the second I got home. ): Sorry guys! The page will be posted in the next few days when I have the time!


Did the math, and assuming my math is correct and also assuming that nothing like an emergency stops me from getting pages posted, the very last SotP pages will go up on the weekend of November 16th.

I knowwww I was saying it’d be done in early 2014, but that was obviously a very inaccurate guess. xD

New Son of the Philosopher page!

I’ll be posting a total of three SotP pages this weekend to make up for missing last Sunday.