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New Son of the Philosopher page!

Every comic should have dargun fights. Probably.

Today’s SotP post will be slightly delayed as I prepare something for work! But it’ll be up a bit later today!

Hey all! As SotP gradually wraps up, I’m going to be putting together the Extras page— basically this will be for promotional links and shout outs to the amazing contributions SotP has gotten, including contest entries, fans art, and the audiobook series. I will only be adding artwork that I get express permission to put up, and that means I’ll be contacting certain people about it.

If you produced any fan artwork for SotP and you would be okay with being included (with full credit, of course!), feel free to let me know ahead of time! But I may be around to contact you eventually anyway.

Here’s chapter 6!

This cool series of audiobooks is produced by the awesome Wintermoth! Thanks to everyone who has contributed their voices!

Chapter 1: The Thief and the Partnership

Chapter 2: The Unblessed Child

Chapter 3: Caduceus

Chapter 4: Venom

Chapter 5: Manifestation


Son of the Philosopher, Chapters 3 AND 4 completely redone! On to chapter 5!

I’m heading for a much-needed vacation at the end of this week, and it’s likely I won’t have reliable internet connection— if that’s the case, SotP may not update next weekend! I’ll really just have to see how things work out. (:


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